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Established in 2000, SCM specialises in providing tailored advice to a select group of clients which include corporates, government, investment management firms, superannuation funds, sovereign wealth funds, charities, high net worth individuals and family offices.  The business operates across two core areas of focus; Corporate Finance and Wealth Management. As a business, SCM seeks to identify opportunities that create synergies not only across companies that they work with but also where there is a natural fit with the investment funds where Corporate and Wealth Management have an alignment. SCM has also developed a Special Situations area where they manage investments in offshore funds management groups and joint ventures with specialist sector managers.


Our corporate finance group is focused on the provision of strategic investment advice and structuring for corporations along with capital raising initiatives to support their objectives.

We are globally active with our representatives serving on Advisory Boards and Investment Committees for major Mezzanine Investors, Energy Infrastructure Groups and Private Equity Companies. we have a focus on high growth technology businesses and longer term asset plays that can be of interest to our numerous infrastructure investment funds.

Wealth Management

At the very core of the Wealth Management business is goals based investing. We believe that to outperform standard benchmark indicies, a targeted approach towards meeting the objectives of the investor is required. This demands a more active approach across a variety of styles implemented by a variety of investment managers.

From a historic perspective, having managed the $9bln Military Superannuation Fund for the Australian Government, SCM was able to enhance the performance of the funds under management not just through the passive allocation of funds to external managers, but through a targeted approach to managers that had a particular style of investing that created outperformance. Performance was also achieved through direct investment into numerous infrastructure projects and through a variety of financial instruments that included mezzanine finance and convertible bonds.

Special Situations

SCM has interests in offshore funds management businesses that aid management teams to unlock value and enhance their assets under management.

In addition, the business has recently formed a joint venture with two respected and influential investment management firms to seek out and develop financing objectives for Australian based technology companies that are seeking the appropriate partners and capital base to develop their business models.

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